Can we change the thread color or the color of the crewneck?

Yes! You can change the color of the thread and crewneck, all you have to do is be specific on what colors you would like to change in the comments.  (Comment section will be at checkout and you can type what you would like in that box). Please be specific, or you will be receiving the same color as shown when you purchase. Not all colors are always available, if the color you want is not available we will send you the original product shown in the picture.

How do the crewnecks feel?

Very soft on the inside and fits true to size! The crewneck is made with a heavy blend material compromised of cotton and polyester, it'll keep you warm and give you comfort. 


How can we contact OAS?

You can contact us through our website, under 'About' and under 'Contact Us' or you can email us at oceanandsunco2@gmail.com!


Check out our instagram @oceanandsun.co in our story highlights under 'Happy customers' to check out our customers reviews with their items!